Renault Scenic: Can the doors be locked from the outside while its running?

This car is the first car I have owned that doesn’t really have a key. As long as the card is in the car, it will start. This car also has some sort of system to keep you from locking the keys inside of the car. This combination seems to prevent you from starting the car to warm up, and then locking the doors. Now that its getting cold, that would be a bit handy. I have tried locking it from the outside with the emergency key, but that only locks the drivers door. If you lock the doors with the door lock button from the inside, the doors unlock when you open the drivers door to get out. The door lock button will not lock the doors if a door is open. I’m stumped. Anyone?

This board is frequented by folks from the USA and Canada mostly. Renault does not sell cars there. If you are patient, maybe someone will answer your post.

Hi, I did finally figure out a way to do it, but you must be very careful!! First you have to make sure the driver’s door emergency key cover is removed, and that the key will turn the lock open in the car there. This is the only door with an emergency key slot!! If that is successful, open the passenger side front window all the way. Start the car and turn on the heater/defroster. Make sure again that you have the emergency key in your hand, because if it is in the car when you lock it, then you will not be able to get in without the other spare mechanical key!! Even the remote will not unlock the doors after this!! Now, standing outside the car on the passenger side with the window open, reach in and hit the door lock button. If any door is open, the doors will not lock, so you have to reach in through the window. Then, these cars have the feature built in that if you pull up the electric window switch all the way for a second, the window will automatically go all the way up. So the last step is (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR EMERGENCY KEY IN HAND, AND DON’T LOSE IT IN THE SNOW!!) reach in and pull the window lever up, then get your arm out of there before the window snags you!

Once this procedure is done, the car will be running, closed, locked securely, and the heater and defroster will melt the car. But neither remote will open the doors anymore, so you MUST have the emergency key to get in.

Of course if you want to invest the money, there are also installable little furnaces with remote controls. These things will fire up using the battery for a spark (I assume), and then they run on gasoline. They also turn on the interior fan and open what vents need to be opened to direct the warm air onto the windscreen. But they aren’t cheap, and they shouldn’t be installed by an amateur I’m sure.

I hope that idea may trigger someone else’s imagination and solve a similar situation for them, because I am apparently the only weirdo on the planet who wants to do this in this type of car :smiley: