How to "Kill" the 3 Used Cars So Husband Will Buy a New BMW 528

This caller wanted advise on how to kill her 3 used cars in a way that will force her husband to replace them with 2 newer cars. She her eye on a BMW 528i. I propose the following solution:

Get the husband to the BMW dealership and have him drive a well equipped 550i. Make sure it has modern options like comfort access, paddle shifters and active steering. Things like the handling, power and cool gadgets have an emotional effect on men. With Comfort Access, the key is a fob you keep in your pocket and the car unlocks when you touch the handle. You don’t have to take it out of you pocket to start the car either. These are the type of things that seduce many men into considering a change. Then you can work your way down to a 528i for at least $10,000 less, half the price of a new Honda Fit that has similar options.

John W.

Very true

One of the three cars the couple owned was called what sounded like “Mercu Satellite.” Is Mercu a car brand or just a contraction of Mercury?

I haven’t listened to the show yet but she might have been talking about Merkur, a short-lived Mercury luxury brand from the late '80s.

how do you listen to this show?

I got it via Itunes. Only 2 episodes available though.