Replacing 1999 BMW 528i with what?

I LOVE my BMW but things are beginning to fall apart there. I can spend up to $45,000. Since I belong to a union, I thought it would be patriotic to replace it with a union-built sedan, preferably one that gets really good mpg, has a great drive feel and a bit of luxury. Any thoughts? And if not union–anything that fits the bill that has lower maintenance/repair costs that my beloved BMW? (Mature single female/mostly city driving)

Take look at newer models from Cadillac and Lincoln. Both are looking to offer firmer handling and ride characteristics in their new models to attract BMW drivers. If you are thinking hybrid the new Ford Fusion Hybrid looks awesome and is worth a look. In the near future there will be a Lincoln hybrid using the same mechanical systems.

Cadillac CTS, Chrysler 300C, Ford Taurus SHO, Dodge Charger R/T or SRT8. Most of these will get mileage comparable to your BMW, and offer very good performance, and all the usual accruements.

I think the best car for you (on your budget) would be a Lexus350 or an Infinity. Both these cars have now got great handling, will last a long time and upkeep will be much less than a BMW or a low end Mercedes.

Having said that, if I were a union member, I’d play the humble card and drive the best handling model of the Ford Fusion or Buick Regal. These are tough times and union members should at least act as if they agree with Obamas belt tightening programs.

Hyundai Genesis

Take a look at the Acuras. They are made in Ohio, except for the transmissions. I don’t know about the unions but most of them speak English. I’m in favor of unions too but when you look at what Ford has done to their plant workers with their three tier employee plan, I guess I’d be more interested in people being treated fairly than union membership.

I know the Marysville plant isn’t union, and I doubt the East Liberty one is either. US Yachio here in Marion isn’t union as far as I know, and they make the gas tanks for Honda. I think Marion Industries makes the brakes for them, and I doubt they’re union either.

If you want a union-built car, it has to be one of the Detroit 3, and assembled in the USA or Canada. Ford builds the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ in Mexico. Count on that plant being non-union. Note that the CAW and UAW are not the same union, and are not on friendly terms if that means anything to you.