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How to get rid of rats in the engine

All our cars are parked outside and the rats like to eat, eliminate, and chew on wires in our engines. We have a dog and can’t put poison around. We tried a product called Rat-Away which didn’t work. I heard you can spray this horse repellent to keep horses from chewing on things but I think it will be flamable. Any ideas?

Rat Traps…(the critters are most likely chipmunks…) Paint the wiring with Tobasco Sauce…Put mothballs under the hood but only if YOU can stand that oder…

Rats really don’t like wires and rubber parts, but RACCOONS love salt covered wires. Please make sure what is actually chewing your wires. Raccoons can be deterred by wrapping a roll of chicken wire around the bottom of the car so they can’t get in.

You might want to try something like this.


Your state department of agriculture office might be able to provide some guidance here. They have experts in critter control.

Get several cats.

Any rat, mouse, mole, vole, chipmunk, squirrel, bird, or anything else that draws breath which is smaller than a raccoon and larger than a grasshopper will be promptly dispatched and deposited on your doorstep as a kill trophy gift.

On a side note…

Your dog food is what is attracting and breeding rodents.

Thanks for the reply but dog only eats inside. It’s hard to keep cats here because of the coyotes. Anyone with a cat is always losing it never to be found again.