Rats Nesting, Chewing Engine Wires


?How discourage rats from nesting, chewing ignition wires on 2006 Honda Ridgeline?


Contact your state’s department of agriculture office. They are the centers fo expertise in rhodent control.


Traps, live or dead.


Had a similar problem. Fortunately they only chewed through the windshield wiper tube.

Do you leave your car parked for long periods of time? I think they started hanging out because it was sheltered, I parked in the same place every night, and I didn’t drive a lot. Part of it was also due to poor pest control at my apartment building. I tried rat poison around the wheel wells, but I think what really worked was that enough people complained to the management company that it paid for extra garbage pickups and cleaned out the area where they had been nesting in the shrubbery.

Poor waste disposal attracts rats. I’d suggest calling your local board of health …


Probably chipmunks. Look inside the air-cleaner for stashed food. Spray some Tabasco Sauce on whatever they are chewing on. Mothballs will repel them sometimes. Decon Rat Poison works too.


couldnt resist responding to this one:
i live & park in baltimore city-2 blocks from waterfront, where ‘urban wildlife’ (aka rats)
skootch about freely, 24/7…
couple years ago, they nested under my hood and munched on my a/c wires.
SOLUTION was to fashion a netting-type pouch filled with moth balls and tucked/cinched in a corner out of
the way under the hood. i check it occassionally and refill.
4 hours and $60 later, DEALERSHIP said they would have to do a $300+ plus deep-dash wiring diagnostic
to pinpoint the problem…
LOCAL independant mechanic pulled a pliers from his right pocket, black electrical tape from the left-put
the wires back together, advised me to stash the moth balls under the hood and charged me $20.