How to fix chip/crack in windshield

On the way back home last evening, 2 small rocks hit my windshield and created 2 dime sized spider web cracks at the bottom of the windshield.

What’s the best way to stop the cracks from growing? Does it make a difference that the cracks are close to the defrost vents?

This car has 229K miles so I don’t wanna replace the windshield if the cracks grow.

Need suggestions…thank you…

There are services that will ground down the area with the chips. I never tried them so I don’t know how well that works out. I suspect the sooner you get that done the less the cracks will grow.

There are services that will ground down the area with the chips.

Never heard of that one. Chips are usually repaired with a Expoxy. Check with your insurance company to see if they cover it. If not you can fix it yourself. There’s a kit you can buy and any autoparts store or even Wallmart…Easy to do.

Perhaps I should have said: repair the area.

When my windshield got chipped on a business trip, Safelite came out and repaired the windshield in the hotel parking lot. The price was around $70 to repair one chip. The repair is ~3 or 4 years old and is holding up.

Ed B.

Your insurance company may cover the cost of windshield repairs. Give them a call before you do anything. If they don’t cover it, I’d call a windshield repair service to have them fill the cracks. That will keep them from spreading.

Call a company that replaces windshields. They should be able to repair cracks that size.

Many of the glass shops that replace windshields also repair this kind of damage. The procedure is to force an epoxy mixture into the many little cracks. The expoxy has the same coefficient of refraction as the glass so that the cracks almost disappear. Prices at the shop I have used are $30 for the first crack and $15 for each additional one.