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How to fix a stalled car that is not getting fuel

My car is a: 2005 Peugeot 407 SW v6 Automatic
It´s a European model.

Suddenly stalled yesterday and has not started since.

Fault codes:
P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270, P0273, P0276: Cylinder Injector Circuit Too Low

P0336: Crankshaft position sensor “A” circuit range/performance

So, it´s not getting fuel. So perhaps the fuel pump broke down?
Tried looking for a fuel pump reset button but did not find one. Apparently my model does not have one.

Any clues to what i could do?

It also has the following pending fault codes:
P0444 P0477 P0076 P0082

The OBD display for the fuel system says: Open loop due to system failure

If someone has a clue please help me understand what has happened to my car.

Just guessing open loop means a short somewhere, Some pumps use the fuel to cool the pump, were you extremely low on fuel when the problem happened?

No, not extremely low on fuel.

My car has a tendency to exaggerate everything the sensors pick up on.
I´m thinking that it could be one of a thousand sensor trips that might have tripped a security shutdown the fuel pump.

You want to first replace the crankshaft position sensor.

If the computer is getting a weak or no signal the from the crank sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel pump or fuel injectors.

The open loop means the computer is going to operate the engine as if it’s cold, rather than setting the fuel mixture by the signal it gets from the O2 sensor. This is a default setting so the engine doesn’t run lean causing possible damage.


“Open loop” indicates that the engine control computer is operating with interpolated values due to contradictory inputs or inputs that are out of range. The computer will be in “open loop” until the engine is started and has run a few seconds, sometimes even a few minutes. Once the computer is able to control the fuel and spark and get the O2 sensors to verify that the exhaust is indicating the engine is running clean “Closed loop” will be in effect.

So, what do you think happened to cause this?

Still don´t understand how to fix it.

I should replace the sensor for crankshaft position? So the sensor is broken?

With so many codes indicating short cirtuits or poor continuity I would suggest you take a close look around the engine compartment for pinched or stretched wiring harnesses.

Did check the wiring earlier. Everything I could see looked normal.

But will have another closer look at the wiring.

I was going to say the same thing as @Tester … After pondering all those codes however…they look like a cascade effect of when something fails in a bad way. Since the crank sensor could be attached to your injector pulse it is very suspect… ALL depends how they set that engine up. Usually your crank sensor controls spark…and the cam sensor controls fueling pulses.

Basically at this point you need to tell us what you have…and what you dont… Got spark? No fuel…got fuel pressure? Then move on to fuel pulse…which then leads to cam timing and cam sensors. Which makes me worry if you have a T belt…and if you do…how is it?

One thing sorta begets another… So it behoovs you to arm yourself with a Flow Chart mentality…and the flow chart for engines is largely very similar…some mfg’s do some things the way they want but ultimately…All engines need the correct ingredients at the proper time.

The last Peugeot I worked on was never… But again…I could if one was in front of me… No problem. I just dont know its nuances. Since we dont have this model in the US…Im very worried about your Cam drive method…if it is a Timing Belt…we need to know its condition and if the cams are still phased properly.


Really hoping it isn´t the T belt. But odds say it very well might be. Going to check more properly later today.

The tank has fuel.
The battery has power.
The start engine runs good.

But the engine does not ignite.

Does it sound sort of “Flat” when the engine is being turned over by the starter? I dont know how to describe it any better than that. I can hear when an engines timing belt has slipped…it takes on a different tune when it is being turned by the starter…and to me it sounds sort of mono rhythmic or flat if you will… Takes a trained ear tho…

The engine does not make any sound what so ever.

The sequence never goes past the starter engine.

I mean it does make the normal sound it makes when you start the engine. But the engine does not start.

If you are talking about this sound before the engine starts it is exactly the same.

If you can see any of the valve train through the oil fill nozzle, look to see if the valves are actuating while someone engages the starter.

Will check.


Now we have tried to get it started any way we knew how.

This is what we tried: OK means no apparent fault

Checking all the cables. OK
Checking the fuses. OK
Listening if the fuel pump clicks on. OK
Checking if fuel flows before the engine. OK
Checking if valves actuate while engaging starter (via oil fill). OK

Spraying Starter gas in air flow. NOT OK. Engine does not start.
The engine started a few times (3 times out of 50 tries) for 1 second.

Looks like new sensor? Crank sensor.