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How to diy fix my buckled trunk

So my daughter’s friend hit the back end of my car with our 4wheeler. Not hard, but hard enough to slightly buckle the trunk. It’s raised up about 2in give or take. I’m getting moisture and mold is beginning to grow. Ideas on how to fix? Cant afford to get professionally fixed, so not an option. Thanks in advance.

Just call a local salvage yard and ask if they have a trunk lid or can find one . Then any body shop can paint it to match. You don’t say of you have full coverage insurance on this unknown year vehicle . But if you do just pay the deductible and have it done.

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I called junkyard/ pick a part with no luck. Trying to see of I can get it out with a rubber mallet or something

You could cut a 2x4 and place it under the trunk lid so that it fits neatly in between the two fenders…and use that as a “stop” so that when you push down on the raised area…you can bend it.

Not sure your skill level here. They still make trunk lids for your Buick Century so… thats another way

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As they said frequently on Happy Days, sit on it!


Well haha I’m a semi petite woman, so I’m not sure how well that would pan out. None the less you made me laugh😁

Does this car have a scissors jack or can you borrow one? Can you see the point of impact where it was hit? If yes to both, you will need a 2x4 or similar piece of scrap wood. You also need a saw.

Lay the jack down on its side with the bottom resting against some structure in the trunk opposite the point of impact. Then cut the wood to fit between the inside of the trunk at the point of impact to the top of the jack. With the trunk lid closed, jack the point of impact back into place, plus a little extra (1/8" to 1/4") to account for spring back. Go easy, you can always go a little further if the first time wasn’t enough but you can’t go less if you overdo it the first time.

If you have back seats that fold forward, this can get a little tricky. You may need to find some structure under the back deck lid.

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Isn’t the jack inside the trunk at this point? Maybe I’m not understanding how you have the jack configured.

Yes it is. Someone has to get inside the trunk to do this. There is an interior trunk release but having a good friend that you owe money or a favor too on the outside wouldn’t hurt.

Edit: the reason the trunk should be closed is that I suspect the point of impact is in the trunk lid, but whether there or not, if the trunk is open when it is jacked, it may not close after because the latch will get misaligned. I’m pretty sure this car comes with a scissors jack for the spare tire.

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Ok, I see. I’ve used a scissor’s jack sort of like that but not for cars. I’ve used one to push a garden bed retaining wall back to plumb after it has started to lean. Works very well.

Paintless dent repair(PDR).


Something tells me that a new deck lid is in someones future… someone who drives a Buick Century.


Yes, I believe you might be correct. You mentioned they still make new trunk lids for my car? Where exactly do you mean? Just a junkyard/ pick a part? Thanks

Any body shop can source one for you… Or you can source one yourself using this great thing called the Internet.

Ebay… Amazon… you’d be surprised. Just type in “year make model Trunk lid” in well…anywhere really. You will have more trunk lids than you can handle. Or do the same in the used parts searching areas and you can then taylor the color as well. Skipping the paint process is highly suggested as paint can easily equal or exceed the cost of the metal trunk lid itself…

Most salvage yards have a locator service to find parts at other yards. Did you ask your local salvage if they do that . Have you got an estimate from a body shop ? You really don’t need to have mold in your vehicle .

The inter what?? Haha yes, I found 1 on Ebay for 220$( not feasible right now.) Will do more searching online. Just got off phone with pull a part they have nothing & said their computer isn’t capable of connecting with other pull a part’s but did refer me to some one who has older cars(left him a message.) Thanks everyone, will be calling body shops next!:crossed_fingers:t2:

Try Ebay is also a good source.

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If you buy a replacement trunk lid, it probably won’t latch if that part of the trunk under the lid is buckled. But not to fear, you can still use the scissors jack and some wood to apply pressure to the lower part of the trunk near the latch, directly under the point of impact would be preferred. But this time you wont have to get in the trunk and close the lid. Just set up the jack as described and alternately apply a little pressure and test the lid to see if it latches.

When it latches, open the trunk and release the pressure. See if it latches without the pressure of the jack. If not, that is due to spring back so apply pressure again but just a little more this time, release and test the trunk lid. Repeat until it latches with no pressure from the jack.

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Well, I found one at a salvage. It’s even the same color as my car lol! Thank you for all the help, everyone!! :wink::crossed_fingers:t2:


That’s good news. Now you can use the jack+lumber trick if needed to line up the lock.