Toyota Yaris iA 2018 Trunk Latch


We recently had a small accident with our Yaris iA 2018. Someone bumped into the back of the car while going very slow. While it didn’t do any major cosmetic damage, it dislodged something on our trunk latch. The latch doesn’t close anymore, though the mechanism is not completely broken. I am attaching a short video here that shows the situation in more detail with explanations.

We took it to the Toyota dealer and they told us it they would need to look into it but that it could be anywhere from $3-$6k to repair. We have not gotten a second opinion yet but I was wondering if anyone had any straight forward advice about how to fix it without going anywhere near that price tag. Any advice on next steps or things to keep in mind would be helpful.


The bottom U-bolt part of the latch in the trunk probably needs adjustment. it is not lining up correctly with the latch mechanism.


Yes, you should visit one or two body shops, and ask them for an estimate.
More than likely, their quotes will be a small fraction of the quote from the dealership.


Agree with @VDCdriver, just reading your post tells me you are not llikely capable of making this repair… no picture posted, no video, just that it does not latch. That’s not nearly enough information

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OP posted video link. click on the HERE in OPs link.

Wy not use their insurance to fix it?

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Claims, increased rate. Don’t want to risk it unless its really worth it.

Thanks! That’s a helpful pointer! Any pointers in distinguishing between body-shops? Never been to one.

Your rates don’t go up if the other persons insurance pays for the damages . If you have the other persons name and insurance contact them and yours.


I did, the OP did not show the damage to the car. I see the latch works. I see the striker bar still exists. I suspect the rear is pushed in not allowing things to line up but that was not shown.

That is not an easy fix.


When you pull on the latch to open it, have you’ve tried to see if it opens even further?


Not your fault. Someone hit you, you didn’t back into something.
Your rates should not go up


Call your insurance company for a list of their approved Collision Shops ( they no longer call them body shops ) A 2018 should have full coverage so if you even have to use your insurance and pay your deductable you will probably spend less than if you paid it yourself.

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Are you sure it would increase your rate? When you arer rear ended it is almost always the other drivers fault. The only exception I know of is wjen your spouse hits your car. Don’t ask me how I found out.

Or you put it in reverse at the drive through window!

I learned years ago, do not let a rear end bump go. I was bumped by a BMW, no visible damage. Two weeks later, paint started flaking off the bumper cover. About $600 to R&R the cover and paint it.

Ask one of the neighborhood kids (somebody with small proportions in other words) to crawl into that area with a flashlight, while you open and shut the trunk… They may be able to see what part isn’t aligning properly. Remove the rope first.

Nobody willing? Might be able to do the equivalent using your cell phone camera.

Better make dang sure you can get the kid out again. I really can’t tell from the demonstration if the latch is sticking or working properly. You can put a metal bar in it to simulate the hook and manipulate the lock. That would show you if the latch is sticking or not. Might be though that the trunk has been pushed forward on the hinges or the hinges bent. Yeah let a body shop look at it.