ABS fuse removal

In my 2003 Toyota Sienna, the ABS system comes on at low speeds. Since I will be trading in shortly, don’t want to pay for costly sensor repair. Looked at fuse box to remove ABS fuse, and found 3 fuses that are labeled as ABS. Which should I remove?


Why do anything? You are trading it in… pulling a fuse will not increase the vehicle’s value. Leaving it alone will not decrease its value. Is there any more to this story?

Just leave it alone. ABS is a safety feature, but it will not affect “normal” braking.

If you pull the ABS fuse it’ll cause the ABS warning light to come on on the dash. And if the ABS light is on that’ll be a good reason to offer less money for the vehicle.

If the ABS is engaging at slow speeds, have the wheel speed sensors and the tone rings inspected for excess debris buildup. Over time brake dust and metal particulate if the brake pads are semi-metalic type brake pads can accumulate between the tone rings teeth. This debris on the tone rings can mess the signals up to the wheel speed sensors causing the ABS to engage at slow speeds on dry pavement.

If a lot of debris is found on the wheel speed sensors/tone rings, use a sensor safe aerosol brake cleaner to blast these components clean.


Tester is correct. Pulling the fuse will light up the ABS light on the dash. This will lower the value of the car. Pulling all the fuses will not get the light to go out. The light is wired such that only an ABS system with no trouble codes will turn the light off. Pulling fuses and removing modules will not turn the light off. Clean the sensors, as Tester suggested.