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How to delete a comment?

Last night I wrote a review about a mechanic shop. But today I feel like deleting it. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Or anyone know how to contact the technical support or other staff who is responsible for maintaining the content? Thanks in advance!

You have no posts or discussions under your username other than this one. Are you sure you posted it here?

Was it under ‘mechanics files’? @cdaquila - can you help him?

No, I posted it on “Mechanics Files” section. Can you help me check it? Thanks!

@texases, yes, it is under ‘mechanics files’. can anyone help me delete it?

I would just send a message via the “Contact” link on the bar at the top of the page.

there won’t be a category for why you are contacting - but there is an “other” kind of thing.

Just click on the gear icon appearing in the upper right hand corner of your post when you hover over it. Left click on “Options”, and select EDIT. Then delete everything and replace it with <> then click on the “Save Comment” button.

Thanks TwinTurbo. It is posted on the “mechanics files” section. I didn’t see any icon there. do you have any idea?

I’m on it. Let me look and get back to you. Thanks, @texases.

@bbryan0904‌, sent you a message, but you’re all set.