How do you post a review on a mechanic?

I’ve had an amazing experience with a mechanic who fixed my Volvo the 70 station wagon 2001. He was an absolute magician and saved me thousands avoiding a transmission repair. how do I go about reviewing him for the car talk mechanic files?



There a “Mechanics Files” link on the menu bar at the top of the page.

It’s not that simple, cig. The Mechanics Files page allows a user only to check the existing reviews. I could not find any means to enter a review from that page. Anyone else?

I find the thing worthless, so I don’t use it.

But it clearly says “Find a shop or review a mechanic.” If the site is broken, and doesn’t allow one to review a mechanic then that Q has to go to site admin rather than the discussion board.

If the shop is already listed, click on it to see existing reviews. At the end of the reviews there’s a red box for adding a new review. Don’t know what to do if it isn’t already listed.

If you go in by zip code, then at the bottom is a block: Not listed? Add a mechanic button.

Use it and you should be able to add do the review.

I would suggest yelp and google reviews.

Google reviews obviously come up very often. Cartalk reviews are very difficult to find and are not read by any search engines,