Changing the plugs on a 2003 Camry 4-cyl


I was about to change the plugs on my 2003 Camry but I’m not exactly sure how to get at them. I’ve changed plugs many times over the years but havn’t come across this set-up before. Has anyone had experience with this job?



Perhaps the owner’s manual has some information.

At least I hope it does. Camry owner’s manuals used to be almost as good as shop manuals, with lots of instructions for the do-it-yourself type.

How sad if that’s no longer true.


I believe that engine has a plastic cover over the top (with sound insulation underneath) and a coil-on-plug setup.

Remove the acorn nuts holding the plastic cover, remove the plastic cover, unclip the clips holding the wiring harness for the coil-on-plug assemblies (sometimes called distributorless ignition), pull the coil assemblies up, and the plugs are down deep in the tubes from whence came the coil assemblies.

$20 for a repair manual may be a good first investment.


Remove the two 10 mm pal nuts on the dark gray plastic cover on top of the engine. Then, pull the cover up to get the two rubber plugs off the studs.