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Repair and maintance

how much does a spark plug change cost on a 2004 pontiac grand am. i have a quote of between 400 and 500 dollars, i think it sounds quite high. can the average do it yourself person do this ? the mechanic said he may need to tilt the engine forward to get at the back plugs. does anyone know anything about this, thanks. gives an estimate of $200-$275 for replacing spark plugs in the 6 cylinder engine, using Iridium plugs.

For the 4 cylinder engine, the estimate is $155-$210.

You may get slightly different results from the estimator based on labor rates in your area.

There is a ratcheting tool that hooks to a radiator support and the engine lift hole that tilts the engine forward to get at the back plugs. You may be able to get the tool from the loaner program at Autozone or Advance Auto Parts.
I use a different method. I hook a tow chain around a tree to the lifting fixture on the engine, back up slightly to tilt the engine , then put the car in park and set the parking brake.
If you have a standard shift car and use this method, change the plugs one at a time so you don’t lose the engin compression that is helping keep the chain tight.

You can hook any ratchet in strap to the eyehole in the plate attached to the top, back of the engine. Then loop the strap over the front of the car and hook the other end of the strap onto the bottom or the radiator support or any other stout part underneath the front of the car. Put the transmission in neutral, unbolt the engine mounts on the top of the radiator mount, and ratchet the engine forward. Now you can get at the spark plugs on the firewall side of the engine.

Hi Dave. Is this car a four or six cylinder?

Kinda says it has to be a 6 cylinder. What back plugs are there in a 4-cylinder?

Am I the only person who rocks such cars and jambs the parking brake to hold the engine forward? But of course, that’s with the torque strut/s removed.

@Rod Knox, I was always afraid to to that since I didn’t completely trust my ability to finesse it, or even what I was doing. This was on my olds van with essentially the same set up. I just used a ratcheting tie down as described by jtsanders (and then something else as a redundancy b/c I’m paranoid). But it’s true that no strange or heroic measures or tools are required.