How to access blower motor for a.c. and heater

my ac compressor is coming on but the blower is not working at any setting. i need to know the best way to check blower motor. i have checked all the fuses .

First, just pull and inspect the plug. If it looks good put a multimeter on the plug. With the ignition & fan switch on you should get in the 12-13v range. If you get power at the plug, clean the connections and plug it back in. With power to it, give a few sharp whacks with a rubber mallet, block of wood, whatever will whack it firmly without mashing it. If that gets any response out of I’d just replace the motor.

If there’s no power at the motor connector then you have to test your way backwards toward the switch. E.g. next in line is the resistor - see if it gets 12V from the switch.

A basic repair manual would be very helpful for this ($20 at an auto parts store)

thank you . looks like i will be replacing motor as it has 12v going to it.