How tall should be a cubic storage for 5 gal engine oil jugs

I am trying to purchase a shelf to store my car stuff - the tallest seems engine oil jugs - 5qt of 5w30 or a gal of Coolant. I really do not know their measurements.

Would someone advice me as to what should be the distance between the shelves?

Why not stop by WalMart or an auto parts store with your tape measure and find out for yourself?

Your header for this says 5 gallons, not 5 quarts…

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Using Amazon shipping details
Valvoline VR1 Racing SAE 20W-50 Motor Oil 5 QT, = 13.25 inches tall
Zerex DEX-COOL Organic Acid Technology Antifreeze/Coolant 1 GA = 12.70 inches

A one gallon coolant container is 12 inches in height.

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Can I safely reduce the height by 0.5" to accommodate for the box?

Just buy a shelf that has adjustable shelves . Problem solved . Or set the tall stuff on the top shelf .

A little advice from your elder. You cannot depend on the containers staying the same size. My Shell Rotella one gal jugs from my diesel years are 12". I only use them for used oil now. But my Mobil 1 5qt jugs are 12 3/4. My antifreeze are 12". It’s a lot easier to change your plans on paper now so I would highly recommend sharpening your carpentry skills and build your own. My shelves are generally 14" and I have many shallow pull out drawers with 2 foot deep cabinets. I haven’t needed to re-adjust them as we went from cases of quarts to jugs. I just wouldn’t cut them so close that any change in the container size will cause a problem.

Just a simple bit of browsing on Amazon could answer a persons question about shelves , cost and adjustability .

@bing - thanks
My attempt to buy one failed since it was under 13" gap between shelves

Any product recommendation is appreciable.
People are moving and posting on CL - their responses are not encouraging - so I am looking elsewhere.