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I Think We Need Another Oil Thread

I’m planning ahead to change the oil on my 2016 Fit for the first time. It requires 0W-20. I found a 5 quart (edited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:,)container at Walmart for $20.01.

However, the label says it’s for "high mileage engines - over 75,000 miles.

What’s the difference between high mileage oil and regular oil?

I’d guess an oil for high mileage engines maybe has some kind of anti-oil leak additives. Or maybe additives which help with compression issues.

No, we don’t need anymore oil threads. That is why there is Google .

5 gallons for $20.01-that is only $1.00 per quart.


A valid question, I have no answer, but remember the dollar store oils that did not meet current vehicle specs. I cannot imagine a castrol or even buy oil from the dealer would be more than $70 extra for 5 gallons, Sounds too good to be true, a buck a quart? Me I would skip it. Cheap insurance go for the good stuff.

Don’t you mean a 5 quart jug? What brand?

Ok, I just checked the link. It’s 5 quarts. I would NOT use it, the right oil is $5 more.

I would guess it is a 5 quart container. That puts the oil at $4 a quart. 0W-20 oil at my local Rural King store was selling for $2.69 a quart under the RK brand name last summer. It is full synthetic and meets the specs for my 2011Toyota Sienna. I don’t do my own oil changes any more, but I bought a quart to carry in the Sienna in case I need to add a quart between changes. I did purchase the RK full synthetic 10W-30 for my lawnmowers. One mower really burned oil when I used 30W heavy detergent dino oil. The RK 10W-30 cut the consumption by 2/3. Be sure the oil you found at WalMart meets the specifications for your Honda. I probably wouldn’t take a chance with it on a new car, but it probably won’t do any harm. As to the high mileage business, I sold a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander to our son. It had about 75,000 when he got it. It was using no oil and had no oil leaks. The place where he has the Uplander serviced recommended the high mileage 5W-30 oil and he has been using that since he got the Uplander. It has about 180,000 and still uses no oil between changes and doesn’t leak any oil. I think it would probably have done as well with ordinary 5W-30, but the high mileage oil hasn’t hurt anything.

I just checked the owner’s manual online

Honda only lists the viscosity needed, not spec such-and-such, as many euro cars and even GM and others do nowadays

Yes it’s 5 quarts like in the link. I’ve now edited the original post.

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Which brings up one of the many mysteries of life; why do most cars now require 4 quarts and oil comes in 5 qt containers?
Sort of like the hot dogs and the buns.

So you have an extra quart for between change “top offs”? But does seem like a waste of space to carry around a 5qt. container for only 1qt. of oil.

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My personal choice is to have all oil changes at the dealer until the warranty period is over. I just like having the service records on file . Besides where I go it is not that expensive and I get the car washed plus free coffee and donuts.

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The high mileage oil supposedly has some additives that make the gaskets swell so it reduces leakage/seepage. I would not use it in a brand new car. Even my 2005 Camry with 160K Miles doesn’t need it-yet.

Honda usually wants to keep the factory fill in for longer because of the high Molybdenum content, so be aware of that. Don’t change the oil at 1500 K miles as was done in the old days.

I just bought two 5 qt jugs of Mobil 1 from Walmart and submitted the online rebate for $12 each, it is going on until the end of October. WM is not on their list of retailers but on previous tries they have issued me the rebate check.

Most of my cars now need 5.5 qts-I guess because they are direct injection, these are still 4 cylinder. But that 0.5 has turned into a PITA. I have an extra gallon in the garage to top off at every oil change to make it 5.5 qts.

I buy Mobil 1 synthetic for maybe $25 for 5 quarts. Why would you want to use less quality on a new car? At any rate for Mobil I believe its the extra additives that aren’t needed in a low mileage car. I have been buying the 5 quart jugs too quite often now because the cost is less. I think it is the cost of the containers and/or transport that makes it cheaper in the larger container. At any rate, I have saved the one quart bottles and simply dump either one quart or a half quart out of the 5 quart container and put the single quart on the shelf for next time. One car takes 4 quarts and one takes 4 1/2. Of course then the lawn mower take less than two quarts, so the empty one quart bottles are needed to repackage the oil.

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…and then you have my car, which takes 7 qts.
Just try finding a 7 qt. jug of oil!


Because many cars and trucks hold more than 4 quarts. I have 2 cars and a truck and they hold 4.8 quarts, 8.0 quarts and the truck 6.0 quarts.

Mobil 1 started making a 6 quart container in 5W30 but I think I only saw it in O’Reilly’s.

My daily driver takes 8.5 quarts. My F-150 takes 6 quarts and the TR6 takes around 5.5 to 6 quarts depending on how much has leaked out. My mother’s Mercedes takes 8.5 quarts (usually a little more). The only car I’ve ever owned that took 5 quarts was a 1992 T-Bird SC. With that said most four cylinders and transverse V6’s seem to use around 4-5 quarts.

I’ve never used high mileage oil even on vehicles that had well over 300k miles. I used the same weight and type of oil that got me to 300k miles. Why change??


If it’s a mystery that they make 5 quart jugs, then it’s even more of a mystery that they make 1 quart bottles. How many car engines do you know that only take one quart?..:slight_smile:

All of them when the level on the dipstick hits the FILL line! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: