Driver's seat adjustments

10 days ago I bought new Hyundai Elantra Touring GLS model.

After I bought car home, I found I could not raise the seat height although quick reference guide which came with the car indicated two levers one for raising seat and other for reclining backrest.My car has no lever for raising.

The dealers salesman said that all Elantras have that feature and to bring the car to dealers place so that he could show me how to raise seat. after about half hour he called back and said that my car did not have that option as it is additional package I did not buy.

I requested that theychange the seat and/or

add the option package for which I will pay.The manager said he could not do any of those things as changing seat will affect the safety of the car.

As it is,my wife will not be able to drive car because she cannot see close front of the car.

My question is,is dealer right that seat cannot be changed even when I am prepared to pay for it.When I bought the car they never told me about this being an option and fact that even salesman di not know about it.Is dealer being fair?

Could somebody suggest a solution other

than using a cushion all the time



You could buy the seat yourself and put it in. I don’t think there is anything electric in the seats for the driver side so it should just be as simple as unscrewing some bolts and screws and putting the new seat in.
Im looking into getting the touring. How is it beside the seat issue?

Many cars (I don’t know about yours) have airbag sensors in the seats, and these must match up with the rest of the car. It may be that to change out your seat they would also have to change some of the wiring harness and the airbag module, or maybe not.

It is quite attractive and sporty looking car. I will speak to a body shop if there will be any problem in changing the seat. This car is made in Korea and imported therefrom.I has tremendius luggage space after you fold down rear seats.

I wonder whether today’s new cars, even lower end models do not have height adjustment as standard feature.

Did you not try all of the car’s features before you bought it? Did you wife not test drive it? Adjusting the seat seems like a pretty basic thing to do before driving it just like adjusting the mirrors.