Front Brakes for '06 Civic

I live in Northern VA. Anyone know how much it should cost to replace the front brakes on my '06 Civic LX w/ 48K miles?

That answer all depends on what needs to be done.

That all being said I just spent $425 for 4 new pads(front/back) and machining of all rotors since most were warped. This was on a Subaru Legacy performance model with more expensive brake parts than average car.

My guess is as low as $100 as high as $300 dependent on labor rate and necessity of need of machining rotors or even replacement.

The front pads are down to 1mm thickness. I don’t know if the rotors are warped or not. The dealer quoted me $325 but my local mechanic quoted much more, $600 which I assume is for the whole job and ceramic brakes.

The rotors should still be good with only 48K miles.

The Honda dealership (Rick Case) where I bought my '06 Civic LX charges $179.99 to replace the front brake pads and resurface the front rotors. I’m in South Florida.

Keep hunting on quotes at mechanics even local gas station garage. $600 is way out there.

So the dealerships must really be hurting. Took the car to my regular mechanic. Not only are my pads not down to 1mm, but they have 50% life left in them. I didn’t need a brake job. So the dealer showed me someone elses brakes. Always second guess the dealership!

They showed you someone else’s brakes? Do you mean they brought the pads to you in their hand? If so, that’s a dead giveaway that they’re being less than honest. One does not remove pads unless in the process of doing the brake job. To remove the pads one needs to swing the calipers up and undo the hardware, and nobody is going to do that just to show you that they’re worn.

Just had it done for a Nissan Sentra, and I would budget $350 or so for rotors, pads, and labor. A 2006 Civic is a garden variety car which can be fixed nearly everywhere , so there is plenty of competition for your business.

ventil8, I live in Centreville, Va., and go to “Fix Your Toy” in Manassas (9203 Enterprise Court Manassas Park). The head mechanic is honest and will give you a good price. I had him replace the front brake pads on my '98 Civic for $136 last year. He did a great job, too.