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How much do you think it'll cost to replace the weatherstripping

Ok so I’ve got a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo it came from northwest pa so there is some serious damage to the weather stripping on the doors and back windows. Was wondering anyone could give me a safe estimate on cost to replace them so I don’t get Swindled

Can you provide an image of the damaged weatherstripping?

Because where it’s located will dictate the cost of replacement.


Google Steele Rubber products to get an idea what the parts might cost. As for labor you will just have to get estimates. A dealer will just farm a job like this out but they may tell you where you can have it done.

The best place to buy weatherstripping for cars is the junkyard. I have rarely paid more than $5 for a piece of weatherstripping there and it always fits right. The dealer will typically ask for $60 to $120 per piece.

Am sure u need the door glass seals. Never seen a good one in junkyard. We had several 2dr grand prixs and we learned never open windows in the morning before u drive 3-4 miles to blow dew off roof. Seals are $125 or so online. Monte seal has slightly different mounting holes.

thank you everyone I have some looking up to do