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How long is reasonable?

I have a 2005 Thunderbird Premium anniversary edition that suffers from intermittent dead battery. Not really predictable, thankfully it has always been dead @ home, so with about an hour on a 6 amp charger, it’ll fire and run. It has been in the shop many times for this, many parts replaced, and for the last 10 days it has been in the Ford shop. It hasn’t failed to start for them. Ford central is to be involved. How long is reasonable to wait for a fix?

Did they give you a loaner? If so, relax and enjoy the loaner.

How is it driven? Lots of short trips? Infrequently?

Quite frankly, I think they are just stalling. If there is an unusual drain on your battery they can determine its existence in a few minutes. Finding its cause will take longer, maybe even an hour, perhaps two. If you’ve had no action for ten days, do not expect any further joyful news.

It’s time to start asking about the lemon laws. If the attempted repairs are documented, you have a good chance at another car when yours gets bought back.

A better question to ask is exactly what parts have been replaced?

I would suspect that the battery, the generator, and the ignition switch would be the best places to start when it comes to a charging related issue.


Is it still under warranty? Was it under warranty when you first took it in?

Maybe time for the lemon law