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2017 Ford Fiesta - Dead battery

This happened before several times will not start or do aNY battery dead. Have been told I don’t drive it enough to keep it charged.went to go some where again to day and battery is dead have had it in the shop three times

Have you considered to recharge the battery once a month? Not much of an inconvenience compared to visiting a shop each time the battery is discharged. A “battery tender” can be installed, easy to connect when needed.

What is battery tender, why does the battery go dead all of the time. I also have a Nissan and have never had any problems

The battery shouldn’t go dead all of the time, are you jump starting this car every day? You have been told that you don’t drive this car enough, how many days a week and for what distance do you drive?

I drive my car two to three. Times a week. This is the third time i will be taking it to the dealership to have it looked at. The last time i went there they said i did not drive it long enough when i go places. Which i dont understand this. I have never had this problem with my other cars and this one does not have that many miles on her. I bought it brand new in 2017. And have had trouble with her every since

If your car has the auto start/stop function this may make the situation worse. These systems use the battery to restart the engine frequently. So yes, your trips may not be adequately recharging the battery.
Newer cars have more electrical operated systems, these place more demands on your battery and charging systems.
As to a battery tender. This is a small battery charger that you plug into a household power outlet to maintain the charge status, condition of your battery.

How far do you drive?

Thank you for your response i appreciate it very much. I will be calling the dealership this morning

3 times/week means it sits for 48hrs at the most. i think you have something going on

Not to be snarky, but the OP still has not answered the amount of time/distance traveled when the vehicle is driven.

Not Snarky at all . It is just one of many times when questions are asked to make it easier to help someone they don’t answer.

Depending i live in the mountians and when i go some where it takes between one to three hours to get where i have to go. When i go. To town to get groceries it is at least 12 to 13 miles away. And i get groceries at least once to twice a week abd going down to the valley every week end.

Thank you for your response and helping

Then you are driving enough to keep the battery charged . But it may have run down enough times it needs replaced .

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In that case, I would say your dealer is wrong. Ask them to check for parasitic electrical drain. You cabildo also try a different dealership if there is one in your vicinity.

I am taking it to the dealership today where i bought it my husband so very upset i paid cash for it which was 18 thousand dollars