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How long for carpet to dry?

Just shampooed the carpet in my car and have doors open. How long does it take for the carpet to dry fully? At what point is it safe to close up the car without risking mildew/foul smell? Thanks

We have no idea how warm your garage is. It could be 10 degrees or 80 degrees. It does matter.

outside temp is 62 degrees

And humidity level.

To dry the carpet in my 98 Windstar I run the engine with the heater on full blast. I also left the windows open 1 inch so the interior would get nice and warm.

Ed B.

64 degrees 40% humidity

In my wifes 96 Windstar I ran the car around for about 2 hours with the A/C full blast. Temperature outside was about 90F and humidity about 90%.

Thank you for your help!

You better get it dry in a day or so to avoid mold problems. If you can, you can carefully put a small portable heater in the car and partially open the windows. Make sure it does not overheat.