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Wet interior

Stupidly, I left my windows down last night and it rained the first time in 2 weeks. Is it better to run the A/C full blast on the recycling setting? Run the A/C full blast on the non recycling setting? Should it be full cold or should the heat be turned up? Thanks.

You need to get lots of fresh air circulated - any way you could park it somewhere in the sun with the windows (and doors, if you can turn off the inside light) open with one or two fans blowing through it?

As to your question, you’d want heat + AC + no recycling + windows slightly open, but that’ll be a very slow process.

This could take a while to fully dry out. Park in the sun with the windows cracked open to get it hot and yet the moisture escape. Two-Three days of this should dry things out.

If it’s really wet you’re going to have to lift the carpet, remove the padding underneath, and dry it out of the car.

AC and heat alone won’t dry the padding.

Use a wet/dry vac to get up the majority of the water. It will pull a lot out of the carpet.

That’s a good idea - if OP has or can borrow one of those Bissel-type carpet cleaners, that’ll really pull out the water, from the seats too if they’re fabric-covered.