Damp Car seats after rainstorm :(


While at work, I realized i left my car windows (halfway) open today and a fierce Florida sun turned rainstorm has dampened a section of my backseats. I’ve soaked up as much possible with towels, but the rest seems to be absorbed into the thick seat. Does anyone know any good remedies to prevent mold/mildew smell? So far i’ve heard let it air out with windows open. Anything helps! Thanks.


Maybe you can rent one of those portable dehumidifiers or air conditioners and blow dehumidified air through it.


Using the towels was a good idea. If you can leave the car running unattended, crack the windows an inch or so and turn up the heater full blast. If you can run the AC compressor this will dehumidify the heated air to speed up the drying process. I do this to dry out my cars after I’ve shampooed the carpet to dry them out.

Ed B.


I have used charcoal briquets on layered newspapers on the floor. It helps absorb the oder. You might try febreeze fabric freshener & much of it at intrevals over months to come.