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Was I quoted too high?

It turns out my car apparently needs a new alternator and a belt (not sure which kind). I was quoted around $440 and my father seems to think that is too high. What is the usual price for those sorts of jobs? Also, do you know of a decent mechanic in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area that could do the job for less?


Is that a dealer or independent price?

Actually replacing an alternator is very straightforward, but on some cars you have to remove an awful lot of stuff to get to it. The easiest thing to do would be to get on the phone and call around and see if this is in line with what other places would quote you.

It sounds pretty high to me. If the alternator is 150-200, (after the shops’ 50% markup) that leaves $240 for labor. I have never changed a hyundia elantra alternator, but if it is near the top of the engine and fairly easy to see, then I’d say I should be in the Hyundai alternator changing business. Call around.

It just depends on the car. Go take a look and see how hard it is to get at it. On my Buick its a $100 Delco part and ten minutes tops. On my Olds its a $125 Delco part and $300 to install including removing the radiator.