How hard is it to replace a broken AC compressor on a 1993 Escort 1.9L?

It is easy to spot, but quite frankly, I don’t have the recent garage mechanic’s experience or extensive set of tools needed to get into terribly complex projects. Is this one of those things I should avoid?

The complex part is not losing all the Freon if not already lost without proper knowledge and tools. You will need a shop to recharge the system in any case if you attempt this yourself.

Mechanical experience has nothing to do with it. Unless you are a trained air conditioning technician, you have no business trying something like this. Leave it to a certified professional.

In my opinion automotive AC repair does not fall into the DIY category. I’d take the car to a shop that does automotive AC work and let them tackle it.

The freon is already gone…the lines into and out of the compressor were physically broken off, thanks to a rock (don’t ask…).