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How do you repair an EP3 panel?

It feels like some sort of plastic polymer and I’m trying to access it through the interior. I removed the rear interior but there’s a large metal sheet that’s keeping me from accessing the exterior…

I have not a clue what you are talking about and I’m not about to update my account. Is this a body panel? Front, rear, engine? Do you have a factory manual with the body supplement?

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Your best bet is a body shop.

I think @Mark_Benedict is linking to a photo that won’t let us see it hosted somewhere else. You may want to drag it into your box instead of linking to it.

This isn’t a message for you to update anything, @Bing - it’s a message to Mark.

Yeah, Photobucket has decided to pull a money grab and force you to be a paid subscriber if you want to link to your photos. As such they’re no longer ideal for posting to forums.