How do you make a vehicle cool?

So I am forty-something with 4 kids and my school’s old 15-passenger Econo (HA!) Line van as my regular short-cruise commuter and long-haul carrier. Once a year to Maine, once a week to church, and whenever there’s anything that doesn’t fit into the Civic. How do you make something so completely utilitarian appear fun, cool, hip? Beyond tying a kayak permanently to the roof?

Hire some local artist to paint a beautiful mural on the side of the van.

Put on chrome 22" spinner wheels.


Only one ‘cool’ van:

I pity the fool! Hey – where’s the Mystery Mobile? The Partridge Family bus? I think there’s a coffee table book here: vehicles featured in TV shows.

Paint it exactly like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

It’s tempting. Not to actually do it, but to “photo-shop” it, just to see how silly it would be. How about chopping it into a sort of semi-cabover pickup truck?

I think you hit on it the first time, the kayak is your only hope.

front air damn,fender flares and rims sure would help

Great! Anybody have a 14.5’ Perception Carolina sitting around? Green?

Vehicles just provide transportation…They can not be “cool”…It is their OWNERS that DESPERATELY want to be “Cool”…Unfortunately, that is usually impossible too…

I don’t know…they seem to work on a short van, but something about that extra three feet they tack on just makes it about as graceful as a commuter train. Maybe an active camouflage system that makes it look like whatever I want it to – a 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS Teardrop Coupe, for example.

In many cases you’re right. I’ve been stopping in to do this thread as I wait for the server here at work to catch up to me. "cool"ness is the last thing I do anything about trying to reflect, except that as I work with children, it comes up now and then. The van has been a real workhorse and since the time we got it, an absolute blessing. And I do miss my green kayak, but that’s another thread.

I dunno. Some cars are much cooler than others IMHO. A Ferrai 599XX is “cooler” than a beige Camary.

Loosen the fan belt so that it slips when you accelerate away from a stop sign. People will think you are “laying rubber”.

Here are some ideas.

Here are some more ideas.

It already does, between applications of belt dressing. Stupid P_P B__S belt…

It’s one thing to play electric guitar in church…can you see my family piling out of one of these on a Sunday morning? And some have about 6 square inches of stowage left in them for all the speakers. Very cool! And very impractical! But my wife and I like the one with the sports car painted on the side.

Flames make anything cool