How do you make a vehicle cool?

mrb3990 pretty much hit the nail on the head. Though, instead of hiring an artist, maybe have the kids get together and design a scheme and paint it themselves.

Maybe lower it, modify its exhaust, and add blasting speakers?

Hd72mm, That Would Be Front Air Dam, I Believe.



I will have a really boring reply:
Make sure that the engine, transmission and exhaust stay in good shape and are well maintained. The external items wont add any real beauty if your van is smoking, squeaking and spitting oil.

How About Astro Grassing It And Adding A Sun Deck ? Very Attractive, Yet Practical, Eh ?

It looks good in any situation or surroundings, whether formal or informal, understated and elegantly stylish !

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Let me commend you on your vehicle choice. Carting kids around and choosing a vehicle to do it is a sacrifice you have willingly made. I really don’t expect you have to leave much behind for the benefit of the kids on vacations. Your vehicle is already cool IMO.
Though, instead of hiring an artist, maybe have the kids get together and design a scheme and paint it themselves. I like “bscar” suggestion too.

[b][i]How Do You Make An Econoline Van Cool ? . . . Make It An Ice Cream Van !

This van and driver both are the COOLEST, literally and figuratively ![/i][/b]

That sign on the side shows the Ice Cream Treats that are for sale ! (Notice the freezer cord hanging out the front.)

What kids wouldn’t want to ride in an ice cream van ? What kids don’t want to see an ice cream van pull in and park ?

You hinted at poor fuel economy. You could sell a few treats every run in the van and make enough money to pay for gas ! How cool is that ?

The Camry is TRANSPORTATION… the Ferrari is ART, almost useless for transportation…

If it’s industial white, get some magnetic signs for the side.
Then AFTER the kids get in, slap on the signs
"Apple Creek State Intsitution"
or “Head Start Special Needs” :wink:

Otherwise a nice truck color ( or two tone ), some rims ( not 20" spinners ) -you can stick with the 16s that are on it but I don’t think you need the LT235/85r16 but something like a 255/70r16 or similar- , and tint all the windows and it would look nice.

And with lots more money to put into it, take it to Glaval, Eclipse, or other customizer for a tallish roof with video screens etc. and captains chair seating.

How about a vehicle wrap?

NOTE: there am many more companies selling these.

Make it look like the “Dumb and Dumber van” Anyone got pictures of that vehicle?

The magnetic sticker is great! But don’t tint the windows, so that folks can see the kids. Based on their behavior at the time, folks will draw their own conclusions! BTW thanks, everyone! This has been more fun than I expected!