Creative Uses for Old Cars

I just stumbled across this Craigslist ad for a Saab car with the front cut off and a trailer frame welded on, for use as a camper trailer:

Maybe not very practical, but creative nevertheless. It made me think of other creative uses for old cars. I remember an old VW bug that had been turned into a giant spider as a sort of roadside sign at a VW shop/junkyard somewhere in Oklahoma.

What creative uses for old cars have you come across?

Years ago John Candy on a Second City program had an old Lincoln Convertible body with the top down sitting on his back patio, filled with dirt and flowers. He called it “My Carden”!

I think the geometry is off on that project. By the time the nose is finished and the interior loaded the tongue weight will be too much for anything but a full size pickup. But I could be wrong.

@asemaster, I agree the geometry is all wrong. It should have been chopped behind the doors, not in front.

Here’s a creative use for an old VW bug:

I agree that the Cg is way too far ahead of the axle on the SAAB trailer. In addition I’d want to know if the builder will incorporate electric or air brakes.

Love the VW.

I have seen a old vw beetle super beetle in someones front yard, trunk was open and there were flowers planted in there. Looked kinda neat. Around here you just leave your junk cars in your yard because it keeps your taxes down if you junk up your property, plus its like a redneck retirement fund, after all, that rusted out 87 chevy pickup is going to be worth a fortune someday.

Truck OK?

@jtsanders, that’s great!

Reminds me of the time the engine in my '86 F250 caught on fire…

I find it funny that the Saab they made the trailer out of is considerably newer than the Saab towing it.

My dog thinks they make great perches for standing as a lookout. The also make great excavation practice if your dog like digging under them.

Those are some handsome pups!

Ricks back! where you been ol fellar,we missed you,hope the situation has improved in your twenty-Kevin

Wedding limousine.

I’ve seen many pickup beds converted to utility trailers.

One I saw many years…the guy had a real nice 60’s pickup and a matching utility trailer made from the same pickup. Matching custom paint jobs too. Saw it at a car show.

Mmm, yeah, look at how much the tow-Saab’s tail end is being pushed down. Cutting further back would have given better balance, but it would have been too short to sleep in. Maybe fill the spare tire well with sand to help balance it better. A station wagon would be a better vehicle for this purpose.

I think it was in a Berlin hotel or someplace, they had a 58 or something Caddy with just the trunk area and the quarters but the trunk was a lounge seat. Thought it would be a neat idea for my office.

What they are not good for is lining river banks with them to control erosion. Used to be common site.

Swinging in the rain?

I’d like to keep a clunker around for frustrating days. Pull out a toolbox of hammers, cold chisels, a drill and bits, pry bars, etc. On a bad day spend a few minutes adding a few new rents, gouges, and holes to Ol’ Becket of Bolts. All fluids drained ahead of time and battery removed, of course.

Some days I’d be in the mood for a couple of whacks with a sledge into the hood, other days I might feel drawn to a slower life picking apart the stitches of a seat. I think this is what is called autosuggestion by psychologists.

You must pick a car you truly dislike or you may make yourself feel worse, not better. Of recent cars I choose the Lincoln MkT for ugliness, though current Lexus models with the bizarre hourglass grille also contend. And the Escalade, for garish bad taste. And the Nissan Juke for trying way too hard to be different. OK, I’ve done my part relieving the highways of ugly cars. Anyone else want to rake a whack at it. With whatever tool you prefer.