How do you know if car has recalls and they have been taken care of?


I found a site that listed recalls for various models with NHTSA Campaign ID #s for each recall. I have an older used car. How do I find out if any of the recalls apply to it? How do I go about getting these things checked out?


You can call the local dealership that deals with your brand of car, and they likely will be able to tell you if your car is subject to any recalls, and if they’ve been dealt with. Just give them the VIN number of your car and they should be able to find out the info for you.


Well if it’s a Chevrolet or probably any GM product go to the service desk at the dealer and have them look up the Vin number on the computer. GM should have records for warranty and recall work done on the vehicle. I’ve done this for my 2000 Blazer.

Ed B.


You can also contact the manufacturer by email.

Bring up the one you want on the WEB and click on contact and within a day or two you’ll have your answer.
I did this when I bought my used '02 Tahoe.