Recalls/service bulletins

Where do I find these, with out paying for them?

My source for Service Bulletins and Recalls is my public library web site where I go to Online Databases: ARRC (Auto Repair Reference Center, enter my library card number. The site opens, I input vehicle year, make, model, size engine.Page opens to Repair Topics. I choose Servce Bulletins and Recalls. I’m, then, in like Flint!

TSBs you can go to your local library. For recalls, go to the NHTSA website:

Here’s the direct link to the Office of Defect Investigation:

When you find a recall, if you click the “Document Search” button, it’ll give you loads of information on the recall, often including the Technical Bulletin addressing the recall itself.

The Crash Dummy guys
Some useful car info can be found at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also.

Recalls and crash tests are there.
Service Bulletins are listed, however, give no details.

Give a dealer your car’s VIN number and they can tell you if your car is subject to any recalls, which ones have been done, and which ones haven’t been.