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How do you clean the "Carbon" decal of a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Carbon 22 edition after wax?

I have a 2015 GMC Sierra Carbon 22 edition that got wax on the front carbon fiber looking decal, I was wondering if anyone would have any knowledge in how to fix it?

Please only respond if you have a clue what your talking about, and if there is no fix and I just need to replace it then just say it, Thanks

Is it discolored or does the decal have texture and the wax got on that and now can’t be removed easily? More detail would be helpful. If wax has dried on it, you might want to try an IPA wipe down ( probably at a 3 to 1 dilution ratio at first) or if that’s too drastic, you might to consider Dawn (dishwashing liquid)/ water solution (I’d go about half an ounce of dawn to 12-16 ounces of water), Dawn is very good at stripping wax.

The decal is textured and I believe its wax that is really hard to get out. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to try that.

Dupont PrepSol removes wax prior to painting. Must be other brands but that’s what I have. Might remove the decal too. If wax is what the problem is, or wax wears off and is not permanent. Or just let a detailer take care of it.

Griot’s Paint prep has been suggested elsewhere for the same issue, there probably are similar products from other brands.

pics dont show any closeup detail. i can see it is dark/black on hood. is it actually a faux carbon fiber type pattern up close? i assume it is smooth when it is all said and done

Try Turtlewax Ice wax. I use it on the textured moldings and the bumper trim on my 2013 Equinox. It buffs off without any white residue.

Ed B.

It is a faux carbon fiber, and the surface is ridged not smooth. I have not provided pictures because its hard to see the wax marks on the decal currently because I used ice wax which works temporarily (a couple days) but is not a permanent fix

I have been using Ice Wax, and it usually works for a couple days but then the wax starts showing again. Looking for a more permanent solution, but thanks for the advice

Use a good old fashioned horse hair shoe brush. It will remove the excess wax from the recesses and leave a thin coat of wax to protect the decal. It also works around any trim pieces that wax tends to accumulate around.

You can find them just about anywhere but make sure it has the soft bristles, not the still bristles.

Edit: old detailers trick