Car Wax Job Gone Bad


My two teens decided to wax our Burgundy Mercury Marque. Their friend came over and wanted them to go somewhere. They were in the process of taking off the wax. Their friend told them to just wash it off and get it over with so that they could do what he wanted. Our car is now gray. What do you recommend to do to remove the wax?


Normally, you shouldn’t use dish detergent because it is too harsh for the paint. In this case, I might be inclined to use a small amount thinned out in a wash bucket to strip the dried wax residue. Then follow up with a normal wash and wax. There are commercially available strippers in the wash/wax aisle if you prefer that route.


[b]Locate a parts store that also sells paint supplies, and purchase a small can of DuPont PrepSol. This is a solvent that is used to remove wax/silicones from vehicle surfaces prior to starting any type of of paint/body repair.



Sounds like you just still have the dried wax on your car. Just buff it off with a dry cloth, that’s how it works.


If the wax they were using is a cleaner wax, try re-waxing it. Often the solvent that keeps the wax in its paste or liquid form will soften caked on wax, but in this case, do it in the shade in the cooler part of the day and only do about a two by two foot area at a time. It will take a lot more rubbing than a normal wax job would. Use a damp cotton wash cloth for application and a microfiber towel for removal.

If that doesn’t work, the follow Testers advice.


I say drag their friend back and make HIM finish the job.