How do you adjust the headrest on 2019 Honda Civic

This is a really silly question. I want to lower the headrest on my 2019 Honda Civic. However, I don’t see a release button!??! Do I simply push it down? Thanks.

I doubt that will work. There should be instructions in your owners manual. Most headrests are designed to be adjustable.


According to your owners manual, if your car has “Sport Mode” they are not adjustable.


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Headrest information in the owners manual . What a concept .



I bought used and didn’t have a manual.

There are free owners manuals on the web .


You can go here and get a downloadable PDF copy from Honda


I think you meant to say Honda.

Fixed it

Yet you know how to use the internet.

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2019 was a long time ago. easy to see how the manual would just disappear

If this was a rental vehicle the owners manual might be hidden in the trunk .
Also a simple web search would have found many videos showing how to adjust the headrest .
I find it hard to understand why the person could not find the release button as the are not that many different designs.


I find it hard to understand how people can know they don’t have the manual and still not get one. Pretty much everything you need to know about the care, feeding, and day to day operation of your vehicle is right in that book. Are they way too long with disclaimers, and such? Yes. Can they be tedious to find some information in? Yes. Are they really helpful at times? YES !

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One of my past cars (either my '86 Taurus or my '92 Accord) had 20 pages of the manual devoted to the use of seatbelts. All I had to do was to skip past that unnecessary (for me) info in order to find the information that I really needed.