2006 honda civic headlight

My son has a 2006 Honda Civic Si that he bought used. It didn’t come with an owner’s manual. He needs to replace a headlight but doesn’t know what bulb to buy nor how to do it. Is this something he can do himself or does half of the car need to be disassembled to get to it? Also, is there anyplace to download a manual for the future without having to pay too much if at all? Thanks for any advice.

You need to purchase a Haynes repair manual at your local auto parts store. They run about $20. It’s a great investment for the a DIYer. You will need it again in the near future for some other problem.

You can look up the correct bulb at any auto parts store. The first thing I would do is just pop the hood and look to see what needs to be done to actually change the bulb. Most are not that difficult and don’t require any disassembly. A Haynes manual is always a good idea. There should be lots of places online where you can find an owner’s manual. Just search. Sometimes you can just find free full text .pdf downloads from the manufacturer.

Every car Owner Needs An Owner’s Manual.

Your son’s manual is “in stock” at Helm Inc.
Click link to Helm :

It costs $35 + S&H.

That’s great that you are helping your son with basic car repair maintenance. Helm also stocks the factory Service Manuals for that Civic. They are pricey at $150 + S&H, but can pay for themselves in just one repair that you DIY.

I have been ordering from Helm since the 1970s and I buy the factory Service Manuals for every car I purchase. I Just received the Service Manual set for my wife’s Chevrolet. It has three volumes, thousands of pages of information, several inches thick and weighs several pounds.

All of my Service Manual sets have paid for themselves severa time over and I have no qualms about paying what Helm charges for them. The earn and deserve my business.