2018 Toyota Prius c - Headrest help request

how do I adjust my head rest

First get into the driver’s seat. Then reach over and open the glove box door. Reach in and pull out the owners manual. Open it up. Turn to the back and search for “headrest” in the index. Go to that page and read how to adjust your headrest.

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I’m a little testy today too for some reason. I usually do my net worth statement on the first of the year but I’m not going to bother this year. Maybe this will help but appears there are a lot lot of complaints on headrests. Until we know exactly what the issue is though, no point going further.

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New year’s resolutions- I’m working on my second million this year! Last one didn’t work out… :grinning:


I am also working on my second they say the second million come’s easy so I gave up on the first.

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