How Do U Manually Pump Oil Through An Engine



I have a 1968 Camaro with a 350 and i need to know how to manually pump fresh oil that is already in the car throughout the engines moving parts. Can some one help step me through it?


Remove the distributor and attach a drill to the end of the oil pump drive shaft.
After a minute you will feel the pressure build up and the drill will slow down.
Keep it going for another minute or two and every oil galley and passage on it will be full.

Of course, if you don’t want to mess with that old heap… :slight_smile:


Remove the spark plugs to remove the compression load from the starter motor. Ground the center lead from the ignition coil. Then run the starter motor. The oil light should go out or if you have a gauge, you should be able to see a little oil pressure.

Unless the engine was assembled dry which no mechanic does, there is enough residual oil even after many months to protect the engine during startup when there is no appreciable work load on the engine.


I also used an alternative method. I have a manual pump to pump gear lube into transmissions and rear axles. I filled the bottle with 10w30, placed an adapter in place of the oil sending unit, and pumped oil through until I could see it coming up through the pushrod tubes (valve covers were off). I did this because the car I had did not have a distributor (DIS system), and the oil pump was run directly off the crankshaft.