How do I turn off live-notifications?

I accidentally clicked on the link asking if I want “live notifications”. I don’t know what that does, but probably don’t want it. Now I don’t see any way to change the live notification status back to the way it was. Any ideas? Or what “live notifications” does?

Don’t know but I think you get an email every time someone responds or worse. That’s why I don’t start any discussions. I suppose you have to somehow go back to profiles or something. I’m still having trouble figuring my phone out.

click on your icon in the top right. then go into your Preferences. you should be able to turn it off from there.


There seem to be two types of notifications, “notifications” and “live notifications”. Anybody here know what the difference is? Throwing caution to the wind, following @weekend-warrior 's advice above, I clicked on the G, my top-right icon, then the person icon, then “pause notifications”. Hopefully that did the trick. In attempt to verify, I did the same as above, except click “perferences” rather than “pause notifications”. Then Notifications at the left , then I noticed under “live notifications” there’s a link provided to enable them. So I presume at this point live notifications — whatever they are – have been disabled. Wondering now however if the normal notifications – whatever they are – have also been disabled … lol …

Well , a simple personal message to Carolyn will get you all help you need .

Live notifications are a feature supported by your browser, you can select on/off for each web site that offers live notifications in your browser settings.

My company email system offers live notifications; a small pop-up in the corner of the screen shows a preview of the message.

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Yes, @George_San_Jose1 , @Nevada_545 is correct. Which browser are you using?

Currently using Chrome. If I got a “live notification”, would I know it? The only notifications I’m aware of are “replies”, or “likes”, or “solutions”, to something I’ve previously posted, accessed by clicking the user-letter (“G” in my case) at the top right. Are any of those “live notifications”?