How do I prevent my windows from freezing shut?

I currently drive a 2005 Chevy Silverado. The last couple winters I’ve had a handfull of occasions where, in cold weather, the front windows freeze to the weather stripping. I’m not able to open them until after the heater has been running for a while. Is there a way to keep the windows from freezing shut? Perhaps something I can spray the windows/weather stripping with?

If it is freezing cold why would you want to open the windows anyway? You could try Pam spray, it’s a little greasy but will keep them from freezing. They will look smeary though.

Try wiping the weather stripping down with a 100% silicone lubricant.

WD-40 will work and so will a light coating of petroleum jelly. GM makes, or use to make, a grease for weatherstripping that worked very well. I have a can of it and it’s lasted for decades.
It’s unknown to me if they still produce this stuff or not, but it was called K-44.

Do you keep the snow cleared from the roof? On some vehicles if it melts it runs down and can re freeze on the door and window seals freezing them shut.

Silicone spray is the ticket. Water won’t stick to it. You could lower the windows and spray the gasket, but I think that Mountainbike’s suggestion is better. Spray a paper towel generously and wipe the side, and top weatherstrips. If you wipe the bottom gasket, it will just smear on the window as you raise it.

Wax them and wax the rubber seals. I use spray wax on mine. Park with your door facing the sun. Roll the window down enough so that when you get in, you can roll it up to break it loose. This will reduce the number of times that you can’t open it.

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I have silicone lubricant at home & will try that.

Thanks for all the replies.