How Do I Get Rid Of Dashboard Notice?

How do you get rid of the Green ACC and LKAS lights (manual doesn’t say). See pic. Ignore the Low Pressure Tire notice, it’s always like that, even though Dealership checked it. EDIT: I got a Tire Gauge. The Tires are fine, I checked. Even Dealership checked it, they said Tires are Fine, “it’s the Technical Wiring which is Malfunctioning.” The Dealership said, “Just Ignore the Warning Sign” Yup, they said this; can you believe it?! I do NOT feel comfortable driving this Car. I will never get a Honda again after this one.


I’m sure your owners manual will tell you how to turn off
Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

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Don’t you know how to check your own tire pressure? Why did the dealership need to do that for you? Didn’t the dealership tell you they could fix that light?

If the yellow light doesn’t bother you… why do the green ones!


I expect many drivers these days don’t know how to check tire pressure other than looking at the dash display. I’d be surprised if half the driver’s in my own neighborhood knew how and were willing to actually do it themselves.

Green indicators show that these systems are switched on and operational.

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No dispute, but does it strike anyone else here odd that when a car function that is supposed to be working, actually is working, there’d be a dashboard light to tell you that? … lol

Wondering what dashboard messages are next?

  • OMG! There’s someone sitting in the driver’s seat!
  • OMG! Somebody just turned the steering wheel! And what’s more, the car turned!!!

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Dealer checked what ? Tire pressure or that the system is working as it should . In the past you asked for help buying a tire gauge . Did you buy one and are actually using it ? The TPMS ( tire pressure monitoring system ) should be in working order as driving with low tires is not a good thing to do .


And how sad is that?

Just as sad as containers of shelled hard boiled eggs for sale. As sad as meal “kits” over the internet… not diet foods, regular foods. As sad as pre peeled tangerines!

How lazy and inept are we becoming?


Black electrical tape. A genuine Click and Clack solution!


You willfully ignore a BIG warning notice, want to turn off safety features you probably need, and in all likelihood haven’t even opened the owners manual to learn about theses things. Please stay off public roads, for your own safety if nothing else.


If somebody claims that they don’t know how to make hard-boiled eggs, they are essentially saying that they don’t know how to boil water, and that claim is just not believable.

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Respectfully submitted… I do believe that some people can’t boil water… :rofl:

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My stepdad added spaghetti noodles to cold water. He figured it would cook fine as water boiled. It didn’t. So, he was close.


… and, unfortunately, we share the road with some of those folks.


Just look around and it all becomes obvious.

And some of these people will become captains of business and our future leaders ! God save us all !

I would like to see the completed work order on that “service”. What did the dealership recommend?


Given enough time the noodles probably would absorb water. I expect it might be measured in hours or days instead of minutes.

I deal w/ rice noodle that way, soak them in warm-ish water for 5 minutes gets them soft. But I still cook them after the soak, in whatever stir fry dish I’m making. Maybe that was the stepdad’s strategy, soak the noodles in cold water to soften, then cook them right in the spaghetti sauce. That could work I think.