Rusted Hood - Tucson Sources?

My 1999 Subaru Legacy has a couple of rust holes in the hood. Unfortunately it’s from the back and not easily fixed without welding.

Does anyone know of a good source of Subaru parts in Arizona (where, hopefully it will not have the beginnings of any rust).

Does anyone know how much it might cost to crate and ship the hood to Massachusetts?

Do a search. Ebay motors has some for sale. At least one comes from Texas. Shipping anywhere in US was $90. One year warranty on the part. Of course, I would ask some questions first, but I think there are some viable options there. There may also be some aftermarket options available, too, for you.

Rust Through The Hood ? I’d Be More Concerned About The Rust You Don’t See. How’s The Underside Of This Little Beauty ?

The car is now 12 to 13 years-old, a senior citzen in car years. It may be time to just love it as it is and begin the “letting go” process. Save the money for a replacement vehicle.


I agree with common sense answer. If the up high hood is rotted out then what about the located down low suspension and brake components.

If you really truly want a part, try the Subaru forums. They have a classified section where vehicles are parted out for those interested.

Hoods are cheap. You should be able to buy a new one locally for around $200.

Try Southern Auto Parts, you can shop online/

Rust on the car is interesting. Except for the hood, no place else on the body has any rust. That being said, funny places, like the brake backing plates and many underhood brackets and bolts are incredibly rusty.

The car has lived all it’s life in Massachusetts. I’m afraid any hood that I bought locally would have the same rust problem.

I’d like to keep the car for a few more years and I’d like it to look nice. It’s got 175,000mi, but It got a new engine at 125Kmi, so the heart is young.

The car is silver and there is no visible rust on the body, so the car looks real nice. The interior is also in excellent shape.

It is also a 2.5GT wagon model which Subaru doesn’t sell in the US any more (nor do they sell the plain Legacy wagon). I have NO interest in an outback, I don’t pretend to drive off-road and I really use the station wagon hauling feature.

I’ve considered looking for a 2005 2.5GT wagon, but I don’t have the money for one of those right now. Hence, my desire to get a few more years out of the car I have.

Thanks for the eBay idea. I looked at those hoods, but I’ve got to admit that I’m hoping to find one that is already painted and I’m worried about the fit of those non-Subaru factory parts. I’ve created a search, so maybe I’ll find someone parting out a car.