Tensioner pulley

I have a 2000 toyota corolla. And I recently got my tensioner pulley changed. And it seems like it dont want to move. Is there any advice on how I can fix it?

Pulley does not spin, or arm does not swing?

What doesn’t want to ,move. the tensioner or the car? If it is the car check your automatic transmission fluid or clutch. Also check to see if the parking brake is stuck.

Who changed tensioner? You told them it don’t move?

The tensioner doesnt want to move

Still don’t know what your problem is ? I guess you will have to contact the shop that did the work .

Do you mean the springy part that keeps the belt tight, or do you mean the pulley itself (the part that spins)? The pulley is mounted on the springy arm. The whole assembly is called the tensioner, so it would help if you could clarify a bit about which specific part you’re talking about.

The spring part. The shock part is what he said

It appears you are not going to repair this yourself so have it fixed .

My mechanic is working on it

That’s good because if he’s the one who replaced the tensioner he’s responsible for making sure it’s installed/functions correctly.

Hes not sure why the springs not working either

Jessica , unless I am missing something here the tensioner is a replaced item . Maybe you need a better shop .

If the tensioner has seized, the tensioner assembly will need to be replaced, not just the pulley as stated in the original post.

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