1999 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0L belt tensioner pulley?

I have a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee with a 4.0L engine.

I need to replace the belt tensioner pulley.

My question is how to you remove the belt tensioner bracket?

Does the belt tensioner bracket slide out on two pins…

I don?t see a bolt to remove.


You do not need to remove the whole assembly to change the pulley, just undo the bolt in the center.

Yeah. I haven’t checked my son’s Cherokee, but that’s what you do with my wife’s. Just keep spinning the tightening hex head on the pulley itself. That should be threaded into the adjusting slider that’s threaded to the adjusting bolt on the flat edge of the bracket.

I hope I made sense there.

Alright so according to this JPG you just unthread the torx head bolt.
Or is the bolt used to hold the spring in housing

I am having trouble figuring out how to change the pulley on my tensioner too. 1999 and up does not have a hex bolt visable in the front, from what I gather, I have have to remove the entire tensioner to get to the bolt on the back side of the pulley. I gather this from looking at the givin picture from “jeep98”.

If im correct that means I have to get what I think is a star wrench to take that off.

Does anyone know what size wrench it will take to get that removed?

Will I have to remove the fan and plastic guard or can I squeez in there without going through all that?

Or If someone can tell me how to remove it, explaining it as if I have no prior knowledge of it would be great!

let me know

PS jeep98 maybe you have fixed urs already, can you tell me how?


You will need a t-40 torx bit socket and 14mm socket.

First I removed the belt and slowly eased the belt tenisoner into its free position.
I disconnect the alternator wires.

Removed the 2 bolts to free the alternator from the bracket.

You might need to use a rubber mallet and tap on it… On my the aluminum had surface corrosion.

Next I removed the alternator bracket (4 bolts) with the belt tensioner bracket attached and put it in a vise to break the pulley bolt free.

You can?t get enough leverage other wise because of the torx head.

Remove the old pully, put anti-seize on the bolt and installed the new pulley.

I also anti-seized all the other bolts and where the alternator slides into the bracket.