Saturn 2000 LS2 Tensioner...where is it?

I recently had one of the pulleys on my tension belt line melt off and now needs to be replaced. My issue is I cannot for the life of me find the tensioner. I need to release pressure off the belt to fit it around the new piece. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Model: Saturn LS2

Year: 2000

Engine: 3.0L V6

The tensioner is toward the rear above the alternator, turn clockwise to relieve tension.

Awesome. What’s the best way to get to it?

The tensioner is easily accessible. The pulley you want to replace is the one that moves when you try to tighten the bolt. Replacing the serpentine belt is not so easy, and if the belt is new you don’t have to replace it. But if it is old, or if it got toasted when the tentioner pulley failed, you should go ahead and replace it as well as the pulley. If so, you might just want to have the work done for you.
At the very least, you will want a friend to help you replace the belt. You are going to be sure at some point while trying to get the belt fitted correctly onto the last pulley that the auto parts store sold you a belt that is about one inch too small. You’ll be wrong. It’s just that tight a fit.

Every car has a sticker, usually on the bottom of the hood (open the hood and look up) to show you how to put on the serpentine belt.
Try this link., for more precise help. Do get the help of a friend to get the new serpentine belt on. It’s going to seem impossible if you try to do it alone.