How do bad brakes affect handling

My front brakes are gone, or really going as I can hear them when I apply the brakes. I am taking it in a week from friday for new pads and new rotors. However, driving it now, it feels different a bit, would this handling issue be due to the front brakes being gone and the rotors being worn or damaged?

Sounds dangerous. Do not drive this vehicle until it is repaired or at least inspected by a pro.

The worn brakes could be “grabby” and braking unevenly. This can make the ABS system behave erratically. Drive with caution especially on slick roads with snow and ice. You might be best getting the brakes done right away and not wait a week.

What I want to say is, If you have to ask you shouldn’t be allowed to own a car. But on the other hand, having little to no brakes is a dangerous thing. Not to mention the fact you may not be able to stop in time for anthing. But also the pad backing contacting the rotor may cause 1 or more wheels to lock up at any given time most likely unexpectedly. Just imagine trying to slow down nice and easy from say 60 mph. Everything is fine except the noise from your grinding brakes. Then without warning the front right locks up at 50 mph. The car is going to try to pivot around the locked wheel, sounds fun doesn’t it. This really should be fixed before a week from Friday, more like the only time to drive this car is to the shop. Sorry if this sounds overly harsh but you may be putting you and everyone around you in jeopardy.

No chance of getting fixed before next friday, won’t have the money till then. Only driving van on side streets to and from work till then, really have no other options.

In many states if you knowingly drive a vehicle with bad brakes and get into an accident - it’s a misdemeanor.

No, the handling of the car would not be affected by worn-out brakes.

However, if something breaks–such as an anti-sway bar or one of its links–that could certainly affect the handling. I strongly suggest that you have the car’s suspension and steering components inspected when it is up on the lift for brake repair.

And, I just have to echo what the others said about not driving the car until you can have the brakes repaired. If you think that taking public transportation is inconvenient, just compare that to the “inconvenience” of an arrest and/or a lawsuit resulting from injuring or killing somebody as a result of having very poor brakes.

Again, I am not driving the van and ignoring the break issue, but if you don’t have the monies to repair them, then you do the best you can. In a perfect world I would have the monies and gotten them fixed sooner.

A) Public Transportation isn’t an option. B) I don’t drive except back to work on the back streets with little to no traffic C) If you don’t have the financial means to replace them at the first signs of a problem (I just started hearing the sound) then you have to wait till you have the means.

Again, I am not driving the van and ignoring the break issue,
Yes you are, you know there is a safety issue and you continue to drive the van.

“Again, I am not driving the van and ignoring the break (sic) issue”

Yes, you are ignoring it.
What you are not doing is dealing with it in a responsible manner.
There is a major difference between those two courses of action.

How am I not dealing with it. I have an appointment set for Jan. 3 to have them replaced, breaks and rotors on the front. I can do nothing else till them. I have zero other options to get back and forth to work. I don’t drive except for that 26 mile round trip on the back roads. I never get close to other cars, I keep a safe distance and never get much over 35 mph on the streets. Sorry but not everyone has an overflowing bank acc’t that they can just shell out the $200 it’s going to cost to have this issue fixed as soon as the problem arrises.

I know I’m going to get all sorts of disagree flags for this…


No, It’s not safe.

But it sounds like you’re doing all you’re able to right now. If you just started hearing noise, it should be ok. I’ve never seen one fail completely that fast, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

If you have some basic hand tools and any experience working on cars, buy brake pads and rotors and install them yourself. Should be able to do the job for half of the price you quoted. If you are not able to do that, Maybe you have a friend that could help.

If you are unable to get this fixed before next week, at least make sure the brake fluid is full in addition to what you have been doing (only driving to/from work, keep it to back roads, and keep it as slow as possible).

There are plenty of more dangerous things you could be doing on the road.

Please get this car fixed before you cause an accident and kill or injure someone else.

I struggle putting gas in my car, when it comes to having work done on my car I believe in allowing the professionals do the work and doing it correct. I montior all of my fluids on a pretty regular basis, usually every weekend when I am home and it’s daylight.

I’ve seen plenty of “professionals” mess up, so I wouldn’t hesitate to have a friend or family member that’s done that job before help you.

I have no one I know that does car repair, plus if the “professional” mess up I have an avenue to pursue legal action, I attepmt it and mess up it’s on me.

Again, I am not driving the van and ignoring the break issue, but if you don't have the monies to repair them, then you do the best you can.

Don’t want to seem harsh…but if you can’t/won’t keep up with basic repairs to keep you vehicle safe when driving it…then you shouldn’t own a car.

I do keep up with it, I had the breaks checked about 6 months ago, they said in the coming months they would need to be replaced, and next week I am doing that. I just had the rear breaks replaced about 3 months ago. I check my fluids on a weekly basis, have had my belts all replaced and had my transmission fluid drained and refreshed during ownership. I wasn’t expecting the front brakes to go away this quickly. I am willing to bet that the majority of people who own cars, don’t change out their breaks before they need replacment. In fact most probably wait till they hear a little grinding sound or a feel in the steering wheel before addressing the issue.

And what kind of van do you drive?
And how many miles does it have on it?
And what other symptoms are you experiencing?

C’mon, man, give us something to work with here.

I CAN tell you that not having handling problems looked into can cause you your life. Or kill an innocent person in another vehicle. Or maim your family members. Is the cost of getting it looked into so great that you’re willing to kill or maim someone else?