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High-Heat Shoes & Drums

I have a 98 Mazda Protege. I’ve been driving with only the back brakes for over a year and half now. I plan to continue until I can afford to have the brake lines fixed or replaced.

Due to squealing and reduced braking I want to replace the shoes & maybe the drums too. My question: Anyone know what type of shoes and drums can handle the most heat? What would be best for my situation? Thank you

Park the vehicle, and either fix the brakes properly, junk it, or sell it to someone who is able to fix the brakes properly. Because this is very dangerous!

I wouldn’t want to be in that vehicle if there were an emergency braking situation, and the roads were wet.


Your car was designed so that 70-80% of the braking effort is provided by the FRONT wheels. If your front brakes are disabled and you continue to drive the car, there are words that would accurately describe you but can’t be used on this forum…The best thing that could happen in your situation would be for you to wreck the car and have your drivers license revoked. I hope there are no innocent victims involved when this happens…

It’s not as bad as you may think; I usually don’t drive over 45mph and keep my distance from other cars.

Makes no difference. You can not control what other drivers do. They all think you can STOP!!

If you are willing to spend money to beef up the tiny rear brakes, why not just spend that money to repair the front ones???

If that’s how you think, then you’re more dangerous than I think!


My jaw is on the floor. You’re why I am not an anti- state regulation nut. Please keep safety inspections a requirement!

Here’s the real question though - most braking is in front. How can you afford to replace the rears but not the fronts? The fronts are probably no more expensive and are actually easier to do.

Are you actually serious with this post?

Most “State Inspectors” would not catch this…

Wouldn’t catch inoperable front brakes? Laws vary & I’m sure shop strategies vary - but brake jobs are one major way shops have often made $$ from inspections. Basic inspections fees don’t do it. In my state, at least once per year every car needs to pass before a mechanic. Its not perfect - but I’d rather that than letting any crackpot put any heap on the road.

This may be possible. Although its been a few years ago, I inspected cars in PA. At that time all we did was pull the wheel to check the quality of the lining. No test was required to see if the brake was actually working.

You needed to get your car off the road a year and a half ago. It’s entirely unsafe to drive with the rear brakes only. If cannot afford proper maintenance for your car, then you don’t need to be driving. If you were just endangering yourself that’s one thing, but you’re endangering everyone around you.

What would be best for your situation? A bus pass or a bicycle.

I wouldn’t want to be in that vehicle…
I wouldn’t want to be on the road anywhere near that vehicle.

Ok - I give. Since vehicle inspection is not a perfect process any time, it is a waste. (he says in a sarcastic tone of voice).

It’s not as bad as you may think

No it’s WORSE…

IF you get in an accident and someone gets injured…then (depending on what state you live int)…it’s a FELONY…YES A FELONY. You knowingly drive around without proper braking…If you didn’t know about faulty brakes…then that’s one thing…but KNOWING about it AND refusing to do something about it is a danger to everyone who has to share the road with you.

brake pads for the front disc brakes are cheap for a reason, so even dim bulbs can afford to replace them. And if dim bulbs can do it, so can you mystic. To do otherwise borders on the criminal.

Both brake lines are broken. It’ll cost 400 dollars to repair them. At least that was the estimate from one shop.

how much will it cost to bury you and whoever you plow into when the shoes and drums glaze from the heat and you lose all breaking capacity at 60 mph?

After a little research I’ve found semi-metallic shoes to be the most heat resistant. Anyone beg to differ?

And if I’ve managed to avoid accidents for a year & a half I should be OK for another month or so. There’s always going to be a risk when driving a car no matter what condition the vehicle is in. And yes, I do agree I’ve been a bit idiotic and selfish to drive like this but have been quite confident that I could pull it off safely.

Is it possible to weld a brake line to seal the leak? And yes, I’m dead serious about this post.

Stop messing with the rear brakes & get another opinion & estimate. It is a stretch for me to think of how front brake brake line replacement would go to $400.

Heck - just get a $20 repair manual and do it yourself.

I don’t go 60, I’m usually able to go around 35. And you’d be surprised how well the car stops. I’m also able to down shift and shut off the engine in an emergency. I do agree driving like this is stupid but I’ve been without a job and just recently started working so it shouldn’t be too long till they’re fixed properly. But until then it would be nice to quiet the squeeling and improve braking.