How dey do dat?

How did the driver get out?
Wish they had videoed getting it out of there.

Had some friends towing their sailboat and wanted to get off the main roads for sleep. They hear a rapping on the window at 6 am, turned out they were on a cart path of a golf course.

How did he/she/it get out? I dunno but when my 2 door VW was smashed, I had to go out through the sun roof. Multiple means of egress are important.

Could have gone out the passenger side door, not easy but looks possible. Most of the similar trails around here have a gate or pillars to keep cars off.

A 5 door vehicle and one won’t open, even Houdini couldn’t get out of this one.


If someone is dumb enough to get in that spot, they would be dumb enough to smash a window.

It’s like the old story. 4 guys from (insert whatever state you want to insult here) were toolin’ around in their pickup when they ran off the road and into a lake. The truck quickly began to sink and everyone perished. 2 died because they couldn’t get the doors open. 2 died because they couldn’t get the tailgate down.

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