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How can I reduce noise coming from driver side

When I’m driving on the rain for example I can here the water hitting on the driver side fender really loud. Almost like if it was a thin plastic in between. Lots of noise comes from that side

You might be missing your inner plastic fender liner? Look inside the fender well…it should have an inner lining. …??

What type of vehicule are you driving? Any accident or parts replaced on that side? Is the plastic lining inside the wheel well still intact?

I have a Nissan altima 2015. IT was on an accident but got hit on the back I check under the cart looks good but for some reason I can here lots of sound

I check underneath it looks good. Doesn’t look like is missing anything but I think is missing something because I can hear every noise coming from the outside

Check for any missing door seals or gaskets. If they are intact,I suggest you bring your car to a body shop for inspection.